All About Me

Hello! My name is Joshua Wagner, the proud owner and founder of Florida Tree Beard LLC. First and foremost, I am a nature enthusiast. It is more than my desire to help strengthen and promote the health of trees alike so that their roots may be strong and their lives long. I believe tree work not only affects the current moment and look of your landscaping, but has a prolonged influence on the micro-ecosystems around where you live.

From wind blockage to habitat preservation, I promise to take in and consider all outcomes when pruning, caring for, or eventually removing a tree. The natural world provides us everything we need, from air to nourishment to shelter, and everything in between, and so I will do my very best to disturb it as little as possible when providing any services of mine.

Relocating animal nests to pruning trees that may have not been on your original to-do list is what truly separates me from the competition. Gain a better appreciation of the beauty nature has to offer, even in your backyard, with the help of Florida Tree Beard LLC. Don’t be hasty when looking for tree specialists, take your time and talk to our experienced team to learn why we’re the perfect solution for all of your tree services in and around Melrose and Gainesville, FL.

We Go Where They Grow.